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Data-driven agriculture, environmental stewardship

We merge advanced data analytics with agriculture and environmental care. Our mission is to transform how Africa farms and preserves its natural resources. We provide cutting-edge insights for effective decision-making, fostering sustainable practices and economic growth

Smart efficient way of growing crops in agriculture.


Data scarcity hinders efficient, sustainable farming and environmental care

Inadequate data limits efficient farming and environmental preservation, impacting socio-economic and ecological systems in Africa

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LIMA's AI-driven platform provides crucial insights for improved agriculture and environmental management


Climate Monitor

Climate and crop monitoring

Real-time climate alerts, satellite and drone imagery, and IoT sensor data for optimized farming decisions and risk management

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Data-Driven Tools

Agricultural data analytics and environmental impact assessments to inform sustainable policy-making and environmental stewardship

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Sustainable practice & market insights

Advisory on eco-friendly farming practices and access to market information, fostering sustainable growth and profitability


Innovation that is relevant

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Climate alerts

Our platform delivers immediate climate updates, enabling farmers and stakeholders to make timely, weather-informed decisions, reducing risks and maximizing crop yields.

Advanced imagery

Detailed analysis of land use, crop health, and environmental changes, crucial for precision farming and ecosystem monitoring.

IoT sensors

Cutting-edge sensors deliver real-time data on soil and atmospheric conditions, offering insights for optimal crop growth, water management, and environmental conservation.

Data analytics

Empowering stakeholders with data-driven insights, ensuring effective policies and sustainable agricultural practices.

Predictive models

Advanced predictive analytics facilitate participation in carbon markets, promoting eco-friendly practices and offering new revenue streams for farmers.

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Hand Drawn Lines Organic Floral Decorative

Innovate with us

Our commitment is to provide actionable data for a sustainable future. Together, we can nurture our land and communities. Let's embrace this journey of growth and innovation

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